3 Techniques to Enrich Your Hair

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3 Techniques to Enrich Your Hair

You might have a busy lifestyle that you don’t think you have enough time to take care of yourself. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Taking care of yourself (especially your hair) doesn’t cost you much time. Just some attention could do. 

There are so many reasons why taking care of yourself is so important. Self-care does not only help you achieve your self-goals, but also it sooths you and helps you relaxed from your busy life. Similarly, hair-care would result in your noticeably healthy hair. It is true that a hair that shines naturally is the best accessory you could wear. 

Here are some hair tips curated by Kaff & Co. that will make you proud!

3 Techniques to Enrich Your Hair

  1. Pay a little more attention to the details

These are the three basic techniques that you can start off with.

  • Wash your it with cold water

Cold water stimulates hair cuticles closure, which would lock in the moisture. This is a key to a naturally shiny hair.

  • Embrace your natural hair (or wear your hair back loosely)

Try to minimize the exposure of your hair to the heat by a change in hairstyle. Curling or straightening your hair too often would damage the hair. So, you should let it rest naturally or at least, tie it loosely. 

  • Avoid the sun during 11.00AM – 3.00PM

It is true that the sun exposure is healthy for you. However, the sun during 11.00AM to 3.00PM does the opposite. Not only it would damage your skin, but it also makes your hair dried, shine lacking and depleted of volume. Alternatively, there are some ways of direct prevention; for example, wearing a hat or using an umbrella. 

3 Techniques to Enrich Your Hair

  1. Never skip the post-workout hair-care

You might be into a healthy lifestyle and exercising is unarguably good for your health; however, it might not be good for your scalp and your hair; sweating and swimming can post threats to your hair. Let’s see how.

  • Sweating

When lactic acid in the sweat mixes with flakes on the scalp, it blocks the pores and deactivates the hair follicles. This would result in a hair dehydration and hair loss.

  • Chlorine 

Chlorine is a chemical element that can damage your scalp and your hair. It destroys the protein in your hair and leaves it dried, dehydrated and can eventually cause hair loss.

The easiest prevention is to wash your hair immediately after you finish your workout. Also, you can massage your scalp to stimulates blood circulation in the area and to remove the unhealthy residue in your hair. Do not forget that a healthy lifestyle consists of healthy hair!

3 Techniques to Enrich Your Hair

  1. Eat right for your hair

Are you a food lover? Lucky you! Your eating can help nourish your hair from the inside.  Here is our suggestions on what you should eat.

  • Eggs 

Eggs are packed with protein and biotin which are key hair nutrients.

  • Green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, kale and morning glory 

These veggies are where vitamin A and C work hard to strengthen your scalp and your hair roots.

  • Fish and shellfish

These gems from the sea are loaded with essential fatty acids which help nourish your hair, skin and nails.

***Most importantly, do not forget that consuming a wide variety of nutritious food in an appropriate amount will help you achieve a good health and good hair simultaneously***

You can start incorporating these tips in your routine today. Tiny changes in everyday will accumulate into one noticeable big change. Remember to love your hair a little more and a naturally shiny and healthy hair will be yours in no time! 

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