ABOUT Kaff & Co.
Kaff & Co was brought to life by our founders who have experienced the transformative healing  result from Thai herbs on a journey recovering from hairloss caused by SLE (personal) illness. With ‘nature’ as our muse, we aim to pass on the sustainable, gentle and well-balanced formulas from the nature to cleanse, restore and nourish your hair and body.
Strong intention, pain-point awareness and our sincere interests have driven us to continuously do research and experiment on Thai herbs and their properties with teams of specialized professionals on the quest to develop safe and effective products derived from the nature. Kaff & Co. does not only serve our product users, but also we put social responsibility and sustainability at the heart of our team.
Today, Kaff & Co. offers natural products which are the favorite everyday essentials for everyone in the family. We curated, formulated the best ingredients from the nature to restore your hair, body and mind for you to become the best version of yourself.

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