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Kaff & Co got you covered with all the answers and suggestions regarding the famous “gray hair.”

It is very common to expect “gray hair” to start taking over your natural hair color at some point in life.

Have you ever questioned why this is such an inevitable event?

Have you ever wondered if gray hair would stay with you forever?

Have you ever searched for ways to cope with gray hair other than conceal it with hair dye?

Why it happens?

Let’s start with the important player here, melanin.

Who is this melanin?

The pigment cells in your hair follicles normally produce a chemical that gives colors to your hair and it’s called melanin.

As you grow older, these cells start to say good-bye and leave you forever. Eventually, your follicle will stop making melanin. Then there will be no one to color your hair; as a result, your hair turns white.

Therefore, the key to preserve your hair color is to try keep melanin with you for as long as possible.

Can gray hair grow back into its original color?

The answer is NO.

 Unfortunately, your gray hair is here to stay, but  you do not have to worry too much or go cry by the river because there are some easy ways to prolong your natural hair color and stimulate more hair to grow as its original color.

All it takes is just a sprinkle of understanding, a teaspoon of self-care willingness and a drizzle of efforts to follow our suggestions below:

How can we postpone gray hair?

1. Avoid stress

Mental health plays an important role to our body, especially our hormones; therefore, you could try evading stressful situations.

Take some time to pacify yourself, instead of holding onto all the problems inside your head.

Be open to creative and innovative ways to unlock all the impediments that are blocking your way.

We know it might sound cheesy but we would really like to recommend you to ‘smile,’ as it gives strength (and some rainbow) to carry on.

Also, meditation helps you find your inner serenity.

It helps you focus on what is really important and enhance your decision-making skills.

2. Eat healthy

The famous quote “you are what you eat” may sound cliché but we cannot argue that it couldn’t be more accurate.

What you consume is a vital cause to who you are.

In order to pamper your hair from the inside, we recommend you to increase your consumption of calcium, iron, vitamin B3 and B12.

The examples of food that are nutritious to your hair are green vegetables, soy beans, seafood, eggs, meat and chicken breast.

These food effectively build blocks for enzymes, hormones and vitamins.

3. Fend off questionable activities

Committing esoteric and unfamiliar activities would normally affect your body and your hormones negatively.

These activities and its effects can be varied depending on your body.

The example of such activities are over-exercising, being exposed to strong sun for too long, smoking and fasting.

Try to not overuse your body in any way because one of the many negative impacts is stimulating gray hair.

4. Protect your hair from direct exposure to extensive chemicals

Study your current hair products if they are packed with unnecessary chemicals because they can cause your hair and scalp off-balanced, which is the root to most common hair problems.

Therefore, you should change your chemical-rich products to the ones that are composed of substances produced by or derived from nature, as widely known as ‘natural products.’

Natural hair products will not only gently cleanse and nourish your hair and scalp, but they also help balancing and strengthen them sustainably.

* Because you can never reverse gray hair, you only have one chance to maintain melanin with you for as long as you could. The reasons behind gray hair are presented and the way to prevent it is not as difficult as it seems; so, now it’s only about you. Remember that when there’s a will, there’s a way. We hope you find our recommendations convenient for your routine, so that you can bring about naturally healthy hair, for yourself – as well as your hair – to look and feel young for many more years to come.

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