Tips to Protect and Repair Sun-damaged Hair

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Tips to Protect and Repair Sun-damaged Hair

Tips to Protect and Repair Sun-damaged Hair

Healthy hair is typically characterized by its shine, volume, strength, and flexibility. A healthy scalp should also be free from peeling, itching, or bumps. Yet, many people face hair issues such as dryness and damage, leading to hair that breaks easily and lacks in shine and volume. In this article, we’ll uncover the truth about sun-damaged hair and explore ways to protect our hair from the sun.

How Can the Sun Cause Hair Damage?

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s harsh rays can cause skin to burn and lead to signs of skin damage, such as dullness, blemishes, and freckles. If unmanaged, the skin damage can potentially develop into skin cancer. Like our skin, our hair is also affected by overexposure to sunlight. Sun-damaged hair can lead to dry and frizzy hair, brittle hair, and hair loss. Let’s explore the impact of sunlight on your hair to learn the importance of hair protection.

Hair Cell Damage

Exposure to the sunlight’s ultraviolet or UV rays can damage hair cells and affect keratin production. Keratin is a protein that helps the formation of hair and nails. This essential nutrient keeps hair healthy and strong and prevents frizzy hair and hair fall. Sun-damaged hair appears dull and flat and feels rough and brittle, contributing to hair loss and breakage. Additionally, harmful UV rays in sunlight harm the protective outer scales of the hair, affect melanin production, and lead to a loss of essential nutrients. This leads to hair that lacks luster or shine and color that looks faded.

Scalp Issues

Sunlight affects hair health and causes scalp issues, including soreness, dryness, and itchiness. Other symptoms also include bumps, peeling, or dandruff which can affect your appearance and confidence.

Ways to Protect Your Hair from the Sun

While it's challenging to avoid sun exposure altogether, there are ways to protect your hair from the sun.

Always wear a hat when exposed to sunlight.

For those who enjoy outdoor activities or are frequently exposed to sunlight, it's essential to wear a hat to protect your hair and scalp against UV rays. You can also use an umbrella or a veil to cover your hair.

Regularly wash your hair.

Too much heat leads to dry and damaged hair and induces sweating. Neglecting proper hygiene may result in the accumulation of grime from sweat and dirt, causing issues such as a musty smell, dandruff, or oily hair.

Use a leave-in conditioner.

A leave-in conditioner is a type of hair conditioner that doesn't require rinsing. It helps maintain moisture in your hair for an extended period. Apply it before heading outdoors or swimming to prevent your hair from losing moisture and becoming too dry.

Choose the nourishing hair care product.

UV protection isn't exclusive to skincare products; hair-nourishing products, including creams and sprays, are also available. Apply these products before leaving your house and reapply during the day to ensure continuous protection and maintain the health of your hair.

Ways to heal sun-damaged hair

Simple Scalp and Sun-Damaged Hair Treatments

If you're seeking treatments for scalp issues and sun-damaged hair, consider these simple tips:

1. Always use hair conditioner after hair wash.

Hair conditioner helps nourish your hair effectively, adding hair moisture and volume. It prevents your hair from getting dry, damaged, and tangled and from falling out.

2. Avoid frequent use of hair dye and thermal hair styling.

To heal sun-damaged hair, avoiding hair dyeing and thermal styling is advisable until your hair’s health is restored. Chemicals and heat will only worsen your dry and damaged hair condition.

3. Apply hair treatment at least 2-3 times a week.

Quicken your hair’s recovery by nourishing your hair with treatments containing moisturizing ingredients like olive oil, sesame oil, or coconut oil. Using these ingredients as part of your hair care routine will restore volume and health to your hair and prevent easy breakage and loss.

Improve Your Hair Health with Thai Herbs

While the sun’s heat is unavoidable, choosing a hair care product that helps revitalize your hair and scalp is a great way to deal with sun damage. Kaff & Co. offers hair care products infused with Thai herbs that strengthen and nourish the hair and scalp.

Aloe Vera Nourishing Conditioner

Use it after every hair wash to add softness and moisture, reviving your weak hair to a healthy condition.

Ginger Rhizome and Cold-Pressed Kaffir Lime Oil Shampoo

It gently yet effectively cleans your hair and prevents hair loss caused by sun damage.

Ginger Rhizome and Cold-Pressed Kaffir Lime Oil Scalp Treatment

It helps lessen hair loss and soothe scalp inflammation, itching, dandruff, and promotes long-lasting thick, shiny hair.

Discover an effective solution to treating sun-damaged hair and reviving your healthy, shiny hair with Kaff & Co.'s herbal hair care products. Nourish your scalp and prevent your hair from the effects of sun damage with effective products made from natural ingredients.

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