Know the symptoms, causes, and methods of treating scalp fungus.

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If you are one of those people who are facing a lot of itching throughout the day. And when he scratched, he found that his scalp was dry and peeling off in sheets. These symptoms may be warning signs that indicate a problem. 'Scalp fungus' or 'fungus on the scalp' which if left for a long time The itching may also become more severe. until causing scabs Makes your scalp sting when washing your hair. And it also makes hair fall easily.

Invite you to get to know the causes of fungus. Ready to recommend the right way to treat fungus on the scalp. Let's see what the symptoms of fungus on the scalp are. What medicine do I need to use? And what is the way to alleviate it? To stop the itching that causes loss of personality and lack of confidence.

Fungus on the scalp What are the symptoms?

Usually Scalp fungus has similar symptoms to dandruff. Therefore, it may cause many people to neglect finding solutions. until the fungus intensifies and becomes a bigger wound. Let's look at the initial symptoms of fungus on the scalp. What's there? 

  • When the scalp has fungus. There will be a lot of itching in the head. Followed by pain, stinging, and heat, with the skin in the area appearing unusually swollen and red.

  • The skin on the scalp will flake and turn gray. and causing hair in those areas to fall out.

Fungus on the scalp What caused it?

Fungal problems on the scalp It can be caused by many factors as follows 

  • The scalp is clogged with a lot of fat and dirt. until it becomes a source of fungal growth

  • Moist scalp. From wearing hats regularly 

  • Continuous use of harsh chemicals such as hair coloring

  • Behaviors that cause damage to the hair, such as using heat 

  • Received infection from others. It may come from sharing personal items. Or live close to people who are fungus carriers.

  • Get infected from pets. From touching pets without cleaning your hands.

What are the symptoms of fungus on the scalp?

How to treat fungus on the scalp

  • Keep it clean. Avoid sharing items with others, especially combs, towels, and pillowcases, as well as clean your hands after every contact with pets. 

  • Wash your hair regularly, at least 3-4 times a week. Or wash every time after going out. to clean hair and removes dirt that may be clogged in the scalp

  • Blow dry your hair completely after every time you wash it. You shouldn't let your hair dry on its own. 

  • Avoid wearing a hat for a long time. Especially wearing a sports hat. Because when you sweat a lot It will cause more dampness. and makes the scalp easily become fungal. 

  • Avoid scratching violently. Even though my head is very itchy Because it may cause the area affected by fungus to become a severe wound.

  • Choose hair and scalp care products that have deep cleaning properties. Ready to help adjust the condition of the scalp to be balanced. Reduce inflammation, itching, and dandruff. It should be a product with natural ingredients. Free from chemicals, perfumes and coloring 

  • For anyone who is wondering. What medicine is required to treat fungus on the scalp? It is recommended in cases where the symptoms are severe and continue for more than 3 weeks or more. You should consult a doctor or pharmacist. to receive treatment or advice on using medicine that is appropriate for your symptoms 

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