Itchy and Dry Scalp: Is It Dandruff or Just a Scaly Scalp?

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Dandruff and an itching scalp can significantly impact one’s self-confidence, as fallen flakes are often visible in their hair and on their clothing. Many people choose to use anti-dandruff or anti-dry scalp shampoos to relieve their symptoms. However, if you use it and still don’t see results, it may be that the product isn’t solving your issue directly. More importantly, you may not know the exact cause of the flakes yet—whether it’s a symptom of a scaly scalp or dandruff. Let’s check your symptoms to see the true cause so that you can find the right treatment.

Itchy, Scaly, and Dry Scalps

A scaly and dry scalp is caused by a lack of moisture balance in the scalp. The factors that cause this scalp condition include the weather - extreme cold or hot, as well as low humidity. Moreover, the cause can be certain types of skin issues, for example, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Psoriasis, and Tinea Capitis, as well as aging and lack of nutrition. Choosing hair products that contain irritating substances also has a tendency to cause more scalp scaling than usual.

Dry Scalp Symptoms

Those with scaly and dry scalps usually face these symptoms:

  • Small bumps and red spots scattered around the scalp.
  • Quite a number of white scaly flakes or sheets.
  • A dry, peeling, and itchy scalp with flakes that aren’t as tough or thick as dandruff.

Dry Scalp Treatments

  1. Drink enough water to help add moisture to the body and retain a balanced scalp condition. Hydrating will effectively reduce a dry, peeling, and itchy scalp.
  2. Avoid styling hair with heat from a hair dryer, straighteners, or curling tongs.
  3. Avoid treatments and hair styling products, as they can contain irritant chemicals such as perfume, sulfate, and alcohol.
  4. Refrain from any processes that require applying chemicals to the hair, including hair straightening, curling, and dyeing.
  5. Wash your hair with cool or room-temperature water.
  6. Select a hair shampoo with natural ingredients to prevent a scaly scalp.

Dandruff on the Scalp

Dandruff on the scalp may seem similar to the symptoms of a dry scalp with itching and a scaly scalp. However, the peeling cells are different. The main cause of dandruff often comes from fungi that make scalp cells generate more than usual. It results in inflammation, itching, and a scaly scalp. The factors that encourage these symptoms include:

The main cause of dandruff often comes from fungi that make scalp cells generate more than usual. It results in inflammation, itching, and a scaly scalp. The factors that encourage these symptoms include:

  • Frequent hair washing.
  • Using hair nourishing products that contain strong surfactants is not suitable for your scalp and hair condition.
  • Poor post-hair wash behaviors, like not fully blow-drying or towel-drying your hair, cause scalp imbalance and fungal growth.
  • Using chemicals when curling, straightening, and hair dyeing.

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Dandruff Symptoms

  • A scaly scalp with thick white or yellow flakes.
  • Dandruff is smaller and dryer than a scaly scalp.
  • Dandruff can be on both dry and oily scalps.
  • Red spots from inflammation and irritation. 
  • Flakes scattered around the scalp.
  • Over-oily hair

How to Get Rid of Dandruff

  1. Avoid using chemicals during hair straightening, curling, and hair dyeing, as well as hair styling sprays.
  2. Wash your hair with cold or room-temperature water.
  3. Towel dry your hair and blow dry it with warm wind.
  4. Select hair nourishment treatments like anti-dandruff shampoo with natural ingredients clinically tested on volunteers who confirm that it can treat dandruff issues effectively.

Scaly Scalp or Dandruff, Kauffman & Co. Can Take Care of It All!

The causes, symptoms, and treatments for both types of scalp issues are very similar. Kaff & Co.’s shampoo for dry and itchy scalps can effectively rid your scalp of dandruff. Using the ingredient of kaffir lime peel cold-pressed oil, can inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria, which is a common cause of dry, inflamed, and itchy scalps, and dandruff. Our anti-dandruff shampoo also helps nourish closed hair cuticles, ensuring scalp scales are fully intact, resulting in easy-to-comb and smooth hair!

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