Kaff & Co Wavy Tooth Detangling Comb

Our wavy-tooth comb is crafted to prevent hair tangling, minimize breakage, and reduce
hair loss. The unique zig-zag yet rounded-edge teeth create a smooth and comfortable
experience, making hair care effortless. Suitable for high-volume, curly, as well as dry and
frizzy hair types, the comb is flexible for wet or dry use. Its organic wheat straw fibers
provides a matte texture, ensuring a firm hold even when damp. Embracing a sustainable
approach to hair care, the comb is naturally degradable and environmentally conscious.

Made from 100% biodegradable materials

  • specifications
    Designs specifically for sensitive scalps and hair that falls out easily
  • quantity

Pre-Wash Prep: Use it before washing your hair to reduce tangles and hair fall, preparing
your hair for a thorough cleanse.

Nourishing Care: When applying conditioner or hair masks, use the comb to evenly
spread the hair treatment, nurturing your scalp and strands.

Efficient Drying: Speed up drying time by utilizing the comb to enhance airflow during the
drying process.

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